Biorecycling for the Advancement of Sustainability on Earth and in Space

Biorecycling for the Advancement of Sustainability on Earth and in Space

Contributors to blogpost:  Onur Ozcan, Civil and Environmental Engineering & Ann Vitous, Anthropology and Public Health, University of South Florida

This week’s blog showcases B.A.S.E.S., an interactive educational platform designed for conveying how our engineered systems can mimic natural biorecycling processes to ensure our environmentally sustainable survival on Planet Earth, and in any future space colonies we may be willing to establish on other planets.

Our video provides a brief narrative that is meant to inform the general public on contemporary issues related to waste, sustainability, climate change, and how they all tie in together, as well as a brief synopsis of the B.A.S.E.S. platform and its capabilities.  The greater objective of this video is to communicate how imperative it is for platforms like B.A.S.E.S. to be brought into K-12 classrooms to teach the concepts of biorecycling and sustainability.

Take a look at this article that discusses the decision to bring climate change into K-12 curricula as well as this article that looks at what people blame for global warming.

Please respond to the following questions on this Youtube video:

1.  Share how you or someone you know works on reducing the amount of waste being produced.
2.  B.A.S.E.S. is a good example of an interactive educational platform that can be used as a tool in K-12 classrooms to teach the     concepts of biorecycling and environmental sustainability.  Can you provide an example of another interactive platform that have been used to teach similar concepts?
3.  How could this video be improved?

This is the blog for week 7 of the Spring 2015 “Reclaim Is…” seminar.

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