Announcing the winners of the “Reclaim is…” campaign

We received nine video entries and three photo entries to our “Reclaim is…” campaign. The entries were all judged by the Reclaim social media team at USF for the following criteria: Number of Votes by the Public (25%), Communicating the Ideas of “Reclaim” (25%), Creativity and Originality (20%), Entertainment Value (20%), Mentioning “Reclaim” or Use of the Hashtag (10%).

The top video award goes to Jordyn Wolfand for “Reclaiming drinking water from urban stormwater.”


The first runner-up was Victor Florez, for “Reclaim is: Doing more with less”


The second runner-up was PJ Accetturo for “Reclaiming waste for the community”


The third runner-up was Shuai Luo for “Reclaiming is to recover nutrient, energy, and water: All in one by MEC-FO.”


We also received the following excellent videos:

Maya Trotz, “Reclaim is… Innovating where you live”


Samuel Dantas Rocha, “Reclaim is… Reúso de óleo usado”


Carolyne Guto, “Utilization of copra meal (by-product from oil extraction of coconut) in fish feed formulation”


Ivy Drexler, “Green energy from wastewater”


Lorena Sanchez, “Reclaim is… Seed preservation”

Congratulations also goes out to Hugo Castro, the winner of the photo contest!

Hugo Castro photo

Here’s a garden installation with a rain barrel. On this day, we installed several raised boxes, a vegetable garden and a barrel in order to collect water for different usages around the garden and the house.


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