Behind the Scenes of the First Place Video by Jordy Wolfand

In the following weeks, Reclaim will be featuring our top video and photo award winners, their motivation behind producing their video and what “Reclaim” means to them. We will begin with featuring our first place video winner, Jordy Wolfand. Jordy is a PhD student in Civil and Environmental Engineering at Stanford University and she is part of the Luthy Research Group.

When asked to write for this blog, Jordy Wolfand said: “I’m so happy that so many people watched and voted for my video, thank you! I originally made part of the animation in a class I took last quarter called Educating STEM Thinkers, taught through the Institute of Design and Graduate School of Education here at Stanford. I’m dedicated to engineering outreach and think it’s important to be able to bridge the gap between academia and the public. I heard about the Reclaim Video competition through Re-inventing the Nation’s Urban Water Infrastructure (ReNUWIt), the NSF engineering research center I’m a part of, and I thought my video might be a good fit.”

She further added that: “I’ve always been inspired by the resiliency of nature, and I was excited to see so many of the submissions incorporate natural systems as a way to solve human issues. I think it’s essential we prioritize cycling resources to ensure a sustainable future, especially in urban areas. If you’re interested in learning more about the research ReNUWIt is doing to change how we manage urban water, check out our website at, or my lab group’s website at”


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