Social Media and Public Utilities

By: Melissa Butcher Spring semester of 2014, Dr. James Mihelcic facilitated a one hour pilot course at the University of South Florida, aimed at developing students’ ability to communicate complex research information to a general audience. Additional objectives of the course included
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Recent publications on the use of stabilization ponds in wastewater treatment and resource recovery systems

Stabilization ponds are a technology that has been used for over 3,000 years to treat wastewater, yet they are still one of the most commonly-used wastewater treatment technologies today. They utilize natural sunlight and indigenous communities of bacteria and algae to achieve treatme
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Quantifying the benefits of integrated resource recovery from sanitation provision in a developing country setting

So, we know that reclaiming water from sewage can help offset the local demand for freshwater and divert nutrient loads from entering waterbodies, and reclaiming biogas from sewage treated anaerobically can help offset the energy costs of wastewater treatment. But what is the combined
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USF Presents Research at IWA Ponds Specialist Conference

This past week, the International Water Association (IWA) Specialist Group on Wastewater Pond Technology held its bienniel conference in Baru, Colombia. USF was represented at the conference with an oral presentation about our research regarding the removal of helminth eggs in a stabi
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