Integration Across Life Cycles

Carbon footprint of water reuse and desalination: A review of greenhouse gas emissions and estimation tools

The energy demand associated with provision of sufficient and safe water is a real issue for water managers. Water and wastewater treatment and transport can account for up to 44% of a city’s municipal energy cost. Some have also reported that with population growth, urbanization, and
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Transcending “Scale Challenges” of the Water-Energy Nexus

Environmental Research Interdisciplinary Colloquium (ERIC) Wednesday, September 24, 2014 5:00 – 6:00 pm ENC 1002, USF Transcending “Scale Challenges” of the Water-Energy Nexus Dr. E. Christian Wells Professor of Anthropology,USF Abstract: Climate change and population growth ove
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Quantifying the benefits of integrated resource recovery from sanitation provision in a developing country setting

So, we know that reclaiming water from sewage can help offset the local demand for freshwater and divert nutrient loads from entering waterbodies, and reclaiming biogas from sewage treated anaerobically can help offset the energy costs of wastewater treatment. But what is the combined
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