Integration Across Systems

Reclaim Is a Business Opportunity

Contributors to blogpost: Christy Prouty, Civil and Environmental Engineering & Eric Koenig,  Anthropology, University of South Florida This week’s blog will showcase yet another wastewater reclamation opportunity—Mr. Luis Garcia’s Ecofriendly Solutions®—demonstrating how, in Beli
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PIRE in Belize–Meeting with Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre

Take a look at the post Christy Prouty contributed to the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre’s blog (5 C’s) after a meeting between PIRE associates and 5C’s scientists  this summer. PIRE research in Belize integrates anthropologists and engineers in water and sanitation p
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Transcending “Scale Challenges” of the Water-Energy Nexus

Environmental Research Interdisciplinary Colloquium (ERIC) Wednesday, September 24, 2014 5:00 – 6:00 pm ENC 1002, USF Transcending “Scale Challenges” of the Water-Energy Nexus Dr. E. Christian Wells Professor of Anthropology,USF Abstract: Climate change and population growth ove
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