Maryann Cairns, PhD

Maryann Cairns recently obtained her doctorate in Applied Anthropology at the University of South Florida. She is advised by Dr. Elizabeth Bird. Her dissertation project focused on the impacts of U.S.-led water and sanitation (WatSan) development work in rural Bolivia, with specific focus on community-level WatSan systems which include wastewater treatment.  Large themes in her research included the politics of development, the human right to water and sanitation, and tensions of conservation and use in WatSan systems.  Her dissertation research was funded as part of the NSF grant entitled “Sustainable Water Management Research Experience in Bolivia: Influence of a Dynamic World on Technological and Societal Solutions.” Recently she served as a volunteer for Water for People in Cochabamba, Bolivia, and she was also part of a team which was awarded a collaborative Challenge Grant for research related to wastewater irrigation in Punata, Bolivia.