Coastal Water Quality Impacts

Task 4: Impact of integrated resource recovery of wastewater on coastal water quality.

  • Many coastal waters have become seriously impaired over the last 20 years partially due to insufficient or improper treatment of wastewater and stormwater run-off. One motivation for developing and implementing the technologies in our research ¬†is to protect coastal waters from additional degradation. Before it is clear that these technologies will improve coastal water quality baseline data is needed. Research will help establish that baseline using remote sensing techniques for Tampa, Fl and the associated field sites. This PIRE research will combine data collected on coastal areas with data collected on the resource recovery systems. Collectively this information will be used as a tool to ¬†explore future scenarios of population growth and how choices for wastewater management technologies impact coastal water quality.
Photo from Frank Muller-Karger

Satellite imagery. Photo from Frank Muller-Karger