“Reclaiming waste for the community” Second Runner-Up Video by PJ Accetturo

In this week’s blog we feature the video “Reclaiming waste for the community” submitted by PJ Accetturo. In this video we learned about a community aquaponic system in which fish waste is reclaimed as a fertilizer for both vegetables and aquatic plants. The system not only reclaims nu
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Growing saltwater vegetables with aquaponics – reinvent next year’s Thanksgiving Day menu with sea purslane and saltwort

Mote Aquaculture Research Park in Sarasota, Florida is growing something unique – saltwater vegetables. Construction on a marine aquaponic system was completed at the start of October 2014. Check out Mote’s News & Press page for an article about this project. The system was
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Reclaiming Nutrients through Aquaponics

The practice of aquaculture, or fish farming, can produce large quantities of waste similar to municipal wastewater treatment systems. Historically in aquaculture these nutrients were simply discharged to the environment. The waste resulted in degraded water quality near and downstrea
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