Growing saltwater vegetables with aquaponics – reinvent next year’s Thanksgiving Day menu with sea purslane and saltwort

Mote Aquaculture Research Park in Sarasota, Florida is growing something unique – saltwater vegetables. Construction on a marine aquaponic system was completed at the start of October 2014. Check out Mote’s News & Press page for an article about this project. The system was
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Collaborations between Engineering, Social Science, Public Health, Agriculture, Natural Science

Systems that recover resources from waste are central to development. However, there are often financial and technological trade-offs associated with the cost of recovery of energy, water, and nutrients from waste. Non-traditional partnerships between stakeholders from multiple sector
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The Future of Water Reuse in Florida

On November 3rd, 2014, the WateReuse Association of Florida brought together numerous policy makers, stakeholders, municipalities and other water professionals to expand discussion on the future of water reuse in the state of Florida. Spearheaded by Bart Weiss (Hillsborough County) an
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Twitter Chat 3/21/14: Life Cycle Thinking

Join us this Friday (3/21/14) at 1:25PM – 2:15PM EST to discuss Nutrient Resource Recovery at different scales (household, building and city). Discussion material: 1. Watch this VIDEO. 2. Listen to this NPR RADIO SHOW – Corn Ethanol Debate. 3. Spend some time thinking abou
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PI Maya Trotz Featured in USF Magazine

Congratulations to Maya Trotz who was featured in USF Magazine Fall 2013 Issue. Dr. Trotz spent the last year on sabbatical with the Caribbean Science Research Foundation (CSF) working to enhance  STEM education in the Caribbean for K-12 students. She spearheaded the Sagicor Visionari
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