resource recovery

Biorecycling for the Advancement of Sustainability on Earth and in Space

Contributors to blogpost:  Onur Ozcan, Civil and Environmental Engineering & Ann Vitous, Anthropology and Public Health, University of South Florida This week’s blog showcases B.A.S.E.S., an interactive educational platform designed for conveying how our engineered systems can mim
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Collaborations between Engineering, Social Science, Public Health, Agriculture, Natural Science

Systems that recover resources from waste are central to development. However, there are often financial and technological trade-offs associated with the cost of recovery of energy, water, and nutrients from waste. Non-traditional partnerships between stakeholders from multiple sector
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Quantifying the benefits of integrated resource recovery from sanitation provision in a developing country setting

So, we know that reclaiming water from sewage can help offset the local demand for freshwater and divert nutrient loads from entering waterbodies, and reclaiming biogas from sewage treated anaerobically can help offset the energy costs of wastewater treatment. But what is the combined
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Biological Waste to Energy Technologies (BioWET) News

Check out this featured article from the Water Environment Federation (WEF) Highlights. The article is about USF PhD student and WEF chief technical officer Matt Ries and the BioWET program kick off in July 2012. Check out the article for more information! http://news.wef.org/wefs-mat
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USF is awarded NSF PIRE Grant!

Congratulations to the University of South Florida for being awarded a PIRE Grant!
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