Carbon footprint of water reuse and desalination: A review of greenhouse gas emissions and estimation tools

The energy demand associated with provision of sufficient and safe water is a real issue for water managers. Water and wastewater treatment and transport can account for up to 44% of a city’s municipal energy cost. Some have also reported that with population growth, urbanization, and
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“Reclaiming waste for the community” Second Runner-Up Video by PJ Accetturo

In this week’s blog we feature the video “Reclaiming waste for the community” submitted by PJ Accetturo. In this video we learned about a community aquaponic system in which fish waste is reclaimed as a fertilizer for both vegetables and aquatic plants. The system not only reclaims nu
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“Reclaim is: Doing more with less” First Runner-Up Video by Victor R. Florez

This week Reclaim is featuring our first runner up video winner of the 2015 “Reclaim Is…” video and photo campaign and creator Victor R. Flores, MA graduate from the USF Patel College of Global Sustainability. When asked to write for this blog, Victor R. Florez said:
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Twitter chat and guest speaker this Friday

Two events coming up this Friday, 1/24/2014: 1.  Twitter chat: “Sustainability Science 1.0” 1:25pm – 2:15pm Here’s how to participate. First, watch this video: http://youtu.be/34PZl34l-xY Then read the following two articles: Mihelcic, J., & Trotz, M. 2010.
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