wastewater reuse

Biorecycling for the Advancement of Sustainability on Earth and in Space

Contributors to blogpost:  Onur Ozcan, Civil and Environmental Engineering & Ann Vitous, Anthropology and Public Health, University of South Florida This week’s blog showcases B.A.S.E.S., an interactive educational platform designed for conveying how our engineered systems can mim
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The Future of Water Reuse in Florida

On November 3rd, 2014, the WateReuse Association of Florida brought together numerous policy makers, stakeholders, municipalities and other water professionals to expand discussion on the future of water reuse in the state of Florida. Spearheaded by Bart Weiss (Hillsborough County) an
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USF-Reclaim and Marine Sciences

Some undeveloped and developing countries around the world do not have efficient waste management and/or fully operational wastewater treatment plants. This being said, most of the discharges, runoff, and trash are being disposed on coastal areas. Even if it’s not close to the coast,
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